I write copy and content for business and campaigns …

My clients are some of the most exciting change-makers, innovators and sustainable HES Teamrfenterprises around. My job is to help them launch new ideas, or introduce new technology, tell a compelling story, grow their business, make change happen.

I’ve worked on the launch team for the Riversimple Rasa Hydrogen Fuel Cell car;  and on a major report for Northern Rail, unpacking their approach to community and sustainability; I’ve worked with large NGOs and small, grassroots campaigns, well established corporations and ambitious start-up businesses.

Rachel Francis

Clean Technology

Working in clean technology and system design is a challenge of the best kind.

There is a critical role that smart, authentic and engaging communications can play in driving new concepts forwards –  unpacking complex ideas and making them inspiring for the reader.

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Business Innovation

A good message is like a good business idea – it needs to spark.

A business idea may have answers to serious questions about the way we live. It may have the potential to solve big problems. But how do these new ideas take root and grow?

I work with in-house teams to agree simple messaging and more complex content for innovative businesses. Often it is only when a new solution – and all the thinking around it – has been written out, that a new narrative can be born. Read More